There is no better feeling than knowing that your child is being well cared for in your absence. Kids Care Academy provides just that.

Sherri and Paula have created a warm, home-like environment, where parents and kids can feel welcome!

We have no regrets. Making this decision was one of the best for our kids.

Kids Care Academy is more than a daycare. It is an extension of the family, filled with amazing teachers who care about my son, his well-being, and his physical and mental development.

Director Paula Montalvo is experienced, trustworthy, and operates a highly efficient and organized institution. I wouldn’t trust my son to attend any pre-K institution other than Kids Care Academy.

– Wes G.

I just want to thank you all for everything you do daily! We moved here from out of town and not knowing a lot of people or the area that well, we have been blessed to find you guys.

I know Lincoln is in good hands at all times. He cried when I first started bringing him here and now, almost two years later, he smiles and says “bye mommy” in the mornings when I drop him off. Knowing he’s happy and well taken care of is priceless, but the price is right. After looking around at other daycares that are in the St. Mathews area, near my work, nothing comes close to what Kids Care Academy has to offer!!!

So thank you all for everything you do! You go above and beyond to make sure Lincoln, my husband and I are happy.

– Tessa M.

I moved here two years ago and knew absolutely no one, so finding a daycare for my two small children without any recommendations from anyone was a nightmare.

I tried several different in home daycares and then decided to go to a daycare facility. I took my children to a daycare that looked decent and the staff was friendly but after my children caught strep throat two times in four months, my son coming home in tears daily and my daughter filthy, I decided I was done with daycare. One day I was out running errands and I saw Kids Care Academy.

I pulled in and walked inside. The first thing I noticed was the thumb print needed to get in and the security cameras (I later found out can be viewed all day long by any parent who wants to check in on their children) I was instantly greeted by Paula (the owner). She was so kind and eager to show me around. This caught me off guard because other daycare facilities I had toured required an appointment.

Paula was excited to show me her daycare and as we walked around I soon realized exactly why she was. The daycare is clean, the staff is friendly and the children are happy. By the end of the tour I was in tears because I knew I found the best daycare my children could go to. My children have been attending Kids Care academy for almost two years now and they absolutely love it. My daughter gets excited to pack her things on Sunday night to prepare to go to daycare on Monday.

Not only does KCA offer amazing child care, they also have wonderful events for the kids and parents to enjoy as well. My favorite event would have to be the Halloween extravaganza they have each year with lots of candy, toys, games and food. Paula goes above and beyond just to show to each and every parent and child how much she cares about them.

This is not a business for Kids Care Academy, it’s a passion. I would recommend KCA to any and everyone looking for child care.

– Megan A.

My son Paxton has attended Kids Care Academy since they opened their Jeffersonville facility in Fall 2013. In May of 2014 my 2nd child Preston started KCA at 8 weeks old and in Fall of 2015 my 3rd child will be joining as well.

Having to work and send my kids to daycare was always a scary thought to me… but after sending my kids to KCA it put my mind at ease. One of the best parts is being able to come to work and still watch my kids on the video system. In my book, this is a major perk. I love being able to check in on them throughout the day.

The staff and administrators have always treated my kids and myself very well. They have been so kind, helpful, and genuinely care about the children and their needs. The curriculum is top notch. My kids come home every day with something new they have learned. I truly believe it has helped their development in so many ways.

Another thing my family really enjoys is the extra activities that KCA puts on for the children, for example, Easter Egg Hunt, Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, Graduation for the kids moving up, and other misc parties they have throughout the year. It’s all really cute and the kids love it. I couldn’t say enough good things about KCA and I am thankful to have a daycare that takes such good care of my children.

– Brandi H.

Kids Care Academy has been amazing. The comfort of knowing that my son is learning skills that will help him in school, and also he is in a safe and secure environment, is priceless. The staff are very helpful and responsive and everyone goes out of their way to make all the children feel special. I would recommend Kids Care Academy to anyone.

– Tony B.